Welcome to "Kirkcaldy Weather". We are located in an estate just round the corner from the Victoria Hospital, in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland. The station commenced recording data on 1st August 2011. The pages in this site provide more information about the station itself, a real-time display of the weather at the station (users may set their own preferred units of measurement on this page), forecasts for the Kirkcaldy area (courtesy of a "widget" from WeatherWidget.io), other meteorological data including trends, records and Airport Metars, an astronomical ephemeris providing data on Sun & Moon, tidal information, and a page giving conversion factors for common meteorological phenomena.

Please be advised that this station is in the UK so dates are in the British/European format of dd/mm/yy, all times are UTC, and (except where otherwise specified) temperatures are in °C.

The live data is updated every minute, other data is updated every hour.




Time: 19:00 UTC
Temp: 12.3°C
Hum: 77 %
Wind: 2.7 kts
Dir: ESE 112°
Press: 1028.5 hPa